Beckham’s new tattoo | TATTOO DESIGN

new tattooBeckham’s new tattoo | TATTOO DESIGN
David Beckham hasn’t recovered enough from his injury to actually play yet, so he spent some time getting a new tattoo on his forearm. Six hours, to be exact.

When Bob-the-editor and I heard about this new ink, he was hoping for the Herbalife logo. (And if this gives Beckham ideas, well, remember, David. Shavar says, FIVE, not THREE. Or was it the other way around?) I was hoping for the logo from those “Free Becks, Keep Posh” T-shirts. We were both wrong.

“The star’s latest tattoo, which took a gruelling six hours to complete, includes words from a Roman poem, which sources believe are a message to people who have slammed his talent. Translated, the words read: “Let them hate as long as they fear.” A source said: “David has always used tattoos to express his thoughts. He believes his tattoos can ward off negativity and help him battle adversity.”

Hmm. Wonder what the one that says “Vihctoria” in (misspelled) Hindi is supposed to ward off?

And yes, others have noted that it looks like he’s channeling Wentworth Miller from Prison Break.