These tattoos are PERMANENTLY awful | Horikyo Tattoo Design

This past weekend, I was in lovely New Orleans, LA for a wedding. During the many hurricanes, mint juleps, and "3 for 1" beverages, the topic of tattoos came up, with two of my sister-in-laws considering getting one while they were there. I have nothing against tattoos--the right hidden pic or meaningful phrase can be a source of pride and add character. There's just nothing I can think of that I would want to have permanently inked onto my body (other than, of course, John Stamos clinging to the back of a giant panda, or Reginald Vel Johnson flipping off the Statue of Liberty). I've heard many horror stories of some tattoo mistakes friends have made, but none can be as bad as the tattoos I've collected and commented on below. Take a look, but be forewarned: SOME ARE ADULT IN NATURE!

So...their offspring would be purple right? Purple, mythical, and horny.

Well, they got the comedy right...but the rest is a real "tradgey."

"No no no! I said I fucking love vegetables, not vegetables fu--nevermind. *sigh*"

"What do you mean Tower Records doesn't exist anymore? Where am I going to work?"

Hi ho, hi ho, don't wanna see this no mo'...

Hey baby, I hear tattoos a'callin.' Tossed salad and scrambled eggs!

"Get these mutha' fuckin' snakes off my mutha' fuckin' plain...ol' arm!"

I support the format, too, but...I guess it's not as mortifying as the BetaMax tat on his forehead.

Hours upon hours were spent on this design. Elegant, yet simple. A tattoo triumph. Dick Butt, indeed, kind sir...Dick Butt indeed.

"I mean, I really, really love Dolphins. And marijuana. Those are, like, my two passions in life. Porpoises and Pot. Do you have anything in your book that encompasses both of--oh shit, you do!"


Worst tattoo ever, or BEST TATTOO IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD? I'll let you be the judge. (I hope this isn't how I now remember Patrick Swayze...I love the guy!)

Not cool be confused with Vanilla Ice, who is cool AS ice, not Mr. Cool Ice. I like the "aww shucks" expression of the skeleton.

For all true HulkamaniBACKS.

This one is pretty epic, epic tattoo art failure. When beauty becomes beast...

Upside: For your armpit, EVERY week is Shark Week!

I'm shakin' for a little Cl'aiken! If I were invisible...I'd be a much better tattoo!